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About Us

Hebei Runfeng Low Temperature Equipment Co.,Ltd It‘s a provincial high-tech enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and R & D.Annual output of more than 40000 dewar bottle and more than 2000 low-temperature storage tanks.

Servicing Industry

Runfeng has more than 300 employees, 41 engineers, and more than 70 sales personnel. Under the management of Runfeng people, from single original to complete equipment, from plan planning to on-site installation and construction, from sales service experience to comprehensive after-sales service , Runfeng people insist on serving more enterprises to realize the Chinese dream as their mission.

  • Liquid Ntrogen

    Liquid Ntrogen

  • Liquid oxygen

    Liquid oxygen

  • liquified natural gas

    liquified natural gas

  • Liquefied carbon dioxide

    Liquefied carbon dioxide

  • Liquefied Argon

    Liquefied Argon


  • Vacuum Plug

  • Liquid Inlet And Outlet Valve

  • Gas Use Valve

  • Rupture Disc

  • Pressure Gauge

  • Safety Valve

  • Vent Valve

  • Booster Valve

  • Combined Pressure Regulating valve

  • Level Gauge